How Parents Can Help Make Newborn Photography Easier

Posted on: 23 September 2022

Professional newborn photography is a popular way to catch precious moments of your new baby. Unfortunately, capturing good photos is not always easy, and you should not leave the challenge to the photographer. There are ways you can help make the session easier. Reduce Fussiness Many parents try to have their baby on a strict schedule, even from birth. Adhering to the schedule can make the session harder for the photographer and lead to an unnecessarily long session, and be frustrating for everyone involved.
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Ideal Camera Equipment Rentals for Disney Vacations

Posted on: 21 July 2022

When you go on a vacation to a Disney resort, you'll want to capture the fun and excitement that comes with the trip. Fortunately, the parks include several memorable photo spots and a lot of opportunities for candid pictures. If you want professional-quality photos that go beyond the capabilities of a cell phone, consider camera equipment rentals. Renting camera equipment for your vacation will change the way you capture pictures around Disney property.
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7 Events That Are Perfect For A 360 Photo Booth

Posted on: 22 June 2022

If you plan to host an event in the near future, you might have considered getting a photo booth to encourage your guests and invitees to take great photos. With 360-degree photo booths, photos preserve even more of the moment. These are some of the occasions on which you may want to reserve one of these 360-degree photo booths. 1. Weddings If you are going to get a 360 photo booth anywhere, it's got to be at your wedding.
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The 4 Styles Of Wedding Video And What They Mean For You

Posted on: 19 May 2022

A video of your wedding day is a beautiful keepsake that you'll look back on time and time again. But what type of video should you choose? Today's couples have many videography choices, but they tend to fall into four main categories. What are the pros and cons of each style video? Here's what you and your partner need to know. 1. Highlight Reel. The shortest wedding video is a highlight reel.
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